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Knick Stratos EVO

4-Wire analyzers for versatile applications

Knick Stratos Evo FrontKnick Stratos Evo

Stratos Evo presents groundbreaking solutions for the analysis of pH, ORP, conductivity (conductive or inductive), and oxygen, utilizing advanced 4-wire technology.


• Users benefit from a user-friendly interface with colour-coded guidance, simplifying operation.

• The device supports both Digital Memosens and Analog sensors, offering versatility in sensor selection.

• Special diagnostic functions cater to Memosens sensors, enhancing maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities.

• Featuring a robust HighPower broad-range power supply, Stratos Evo ensures stable performance across various measurement parameters.

• The device extends its utility by providing power supply support for external 2-wire transmitters, including pressure or flow transmitters.

• Stratos Evo supports digital communication protocols such as PROFIBUS-DP and HART, facilitating seamless integration into existing systems.

One Device for Multiple Parameters:

The 4-wire multi-parameter device is designed to measure pH values, ORP, conductivity (conductive or inductive), or dissolved oxygen. Its HighPower broad-range power supply enables the utilization of optical oxygen sensors alongside analog and Memosens sensors.

Fully Digital Integration for Interference-Free Processing:

The fully digital platform of Stratos Evo ensures interference-free processing of measurement signals, particularly beneficial for digitized sensors. With analog sensors, the device automatically detects parameters upon connection to the measurement module.

Supply of External 2-Wire Transmitters:

The HighPower power supply further enhances functionality by supporting external 2-wire transmitters like pressure or flow rate transmitters. Signals from these transmitters can be seamlessly integrated via the 4 … 20 mA input and displayed for user convenience.

Visualization of Operating States Through Colour-Coding:

Stratos Evo offers intuitive operation through its color-coded user interface. Operating states are displayed in six distinct colors, facilitating easy interpretation. From normal measurement mode to maintenance notifications and alarm status, the interface ensures clear communication with users through color differentiation and self-explanatory pictograms.


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