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84C Flanged Vortex Flowmeter


Manufactured byfoxboro

The Model 84Cflanged vortex flow meter is an addition to the Foxboro® family of intelligent, high performance vortex flowmeters(1). It is available with 4 to 20 mA, HART® 7, and pulse output. It is equipped with integral temperature compensation for flow measurement of saturated steam and user-defined liquids. An integral LCD indicator with pushbuttons is offered for local configuration.


  • Liquid, gas, or steam applications
  • Compensation for mass flow of saturated steam based on ASME steam tables
  • Compensation for mass flow of custom liquids
  • Volumetric flow rate accuracy of ±0.5% of reading in liquids and ±1.0% in gas and steam
  • Mass flow rate accuracy of ±1.4% of reading in saturated steam
  • Process temperature accuracy of ±1°F (0.56°C) for saturated steam
  • Flanged 3/4 to 12 in (DN15 to DN300) body
  • High pressure up to Class 1500 and PN160
  • DirectSense™ technology
  • Widest rangeability in class
  • Low power versions available for use in battery or solar power applications
  • An integrated temperature sensor for measuring process temperature
  • ActiveTuning™ algorithms:
  • Real time Reynolds number (RD) low flow correction down to RD of 5000
  • Compensation for piping effects
  • Adaptive filtering and signal conditioning
  • Pulse output capability in raw, frequency, or pulse (total) modes
  • CE marked; complies with EMC European Union and PED Directives, and NAMUR NE 21 interference immunity requirement CRN Registered


The Foxboro brand 84C Vortex flowmeter provides an integrated process fluid temperature measurement. With built-in ASME steam tables(2), the Model 84C is the best solution for the mass flow metering of saturated steam. In addition, the 4C provides algorithms for temperature compensated mass flow of any user-defined liquid. With the fieldproven advantages of the rest of the Model 84 family of vortex flowmeters, including DirectSense technology and ActiveTuning, the Foxboro 84C flowmeter provides the definitive solution for temperature compensation of saturated steam, and for liquids, it provides a low cost alternative to the more expensive mass flow solutions on the market.


  • Complies with Electromagnetic Compatibility Requirements of EMC Directive 2004/108/EC by conforming to the following EN and IEC Standards: EN 61326-1, IEC 61000-4-2 through 61000-4-6, and IEC 61000-4-11.
  • Complies with NAMUR NE 21 Interference Immunity Requirement (EMC).
  • Complies with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC.
  • Complies with all applicable European Union Directives (CE Logo marked on product).


DirectSense technology measures pressure pulses from vortex shedding directly, without losses due to mechanical linkages. Model 84C Vortex flowmeters are offered with all the advantages of DirectSense technology that the Model 84 Vortex flowmeter family delivers.


The Model 84C Vortex flowmeter is equipped with an integrated Class A, 1000 ohm, platinum RTD temperature sensor which allows temperature compensation for density of saturated steam and user defined liquids. The temperature measurement is also provided as an output. The temperature sensor provides:
Mass flow rate accuracy of ±1.4% for saturated steam
Process temperature accuracy of ±1°F (0.56°C)


The flowmeter can be shipped preconfigured with flow data that you provide. Otherwise, you can easily configure the flowmeter for your specific process.


Reynolds Number

The patented ActiveTuning algorithm improves accuracy down to an RD of 5000.

Compensations for Piping Effects

When it is not possible to provide the recommended pipe diameters of unobstructed straight pipe upstream of the flowmeter, the 84C flowmeter can be configured to compensate for most of the common non-ideal upstream conditions, such as elbows and reducers. Straight runs as short as five pipe diameters can be configured to achieve full accuracy.

Adaptive Filtering and Signal Conditioning

A patented, adaptive filtering algorithm provides realtime, dynamic frequency filters that follow the vortex shedding frequency. This results in unsurpassed low-flow measurement capability and vibration immunity. This is incorporated with a digital smoothing algorithm that conditions the raw vortex signal to further enhance low-flow performance.

Tunable for Specific Operating Conditions

Configurable parameters for Low Flow Cut-in and damping allow tuning for specific flow conditions.s


The flowmeter mounts between ANSI or DIN EN 1092-1 raised face flanges. See “MODEL CODE” on page 22 for end connections offered with each line size. Other flange face surfaces can be used as a custom design. The electronics housing is explosion proof and flameproof construction and provides environmental protection to the enclosed electronics. It is offered integrally mounted to the flowtube, or can be mounted remotely. The flowmeter’s simple, modular design requires minimum maintenance. Common, field replaceable parts are used, including the sensor assembly and amplifier. The amplifier can be replaced without interrupting the flow in the pipe. Since a single device is used for multiprocess-fluid applications, ordering is simplified and spare part needs are minimized.


A low power option is available for use with battery power and any form of recharging technology, such as solar arrays or alternators.


These flowmeters meet numerous agency requirements for hazardous locations.


These flowmeters provide efficient integration of measurements into HART process control schemes. They operate by using a bidirectional digital signal superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA current signal (standard power -T version) or on the fixed 10 mA supply current (low power -L version). They are also offered with a pulse output. Remote communication of digital values plus status and configuration information can be achieved via HART communication protocol.

The following can be used to configure the Model 84C Vortex flowmeter:

  • A HART communicator.
  • A local digital indicator/configurator with pushbuttons.
  • A PC-based configurator.

With HART, digital multidropping is permitted. This is the connection of several transmitters to a single communications line. Up to 16 transmitters can be connected on a single twisted pair of wires or over leased telephone lines.


In addition to the standard HART digital signal, Vortex flowmeters produce a milliamp output signal. For standard power 84C Vortex flowmeters, you can map a measurement to the HART primary variable (PV), and this measurement will drive the 4 to 20 mA analog output. For low power 84C Vortex flowmeters, the mA output is fixed at 10 mA.


Vortex flowmeters can also produce a pulse signal in addition to the standard HART digital signal and 4 to 20 mA analog signal. Pulse output can be configured in one of the following modes.
Raw mode generates a pulse frequency according to the detected raw vortex frequency after filtering.
Frequency mode generates a pulse frequency proportional to a mapped measurement. Valid measurement mappings are shown in Table 16.
Pulse mode generates one pulse output per given quantity of material flowing through the sensor.


The 84C Vortex flowmeter provides three separate totalizers that accumulate flow measurements. To allow you to track different types of flow measurements, each totalizer can be mapped, configured, and operated independently.


Remote mounting is offered to allow access to the amplifier and other housing electronics when the measurement is not in an easily accessible location. The remote housing is supported by a bracket, which in turn mounts to a surface or to a nominal 2- inch or DN50 pipe. This housing can be located up to a cable length of 50 ft (15.2 m) from the flowtube without loss of low level signal.


The Model 84C flowmeter is offered with an optional multi-line local digital display, which serves as both a local configurator and measurement indicator. The flowmeter can be easily configured in Setup mode using four pushbuttons on the front of the transmitter and an intuitive menu system. The indicator screen, which displays real-time flowmeter measurements, is fully configurable. Depending on your application and the flowmeter’s model code, you can customize the indicator to manually or automatically cycle among one or more flowmeter measurements.
The indicator screen also displays rollover counters for totalizer readings, and any errors or warnings that exist.


The flowmeter uses many diagnostic functions including temperature sensor continuity checks. These diagnostic functions are performed at startup and continuously in the background. The flowmeter also has a built-in self-test function for verification of the health of the electronics module.

Download Datasheet Foxboro 84C Flanged Vortex Flowmeter PSS 1-8A8 A
Download Manual Foxboro 84C Flanged Vortex Flowmeter MI 019-222 IOM


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